You’re A Woman Magnet If You Have These Traits

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Most of the time, we think that if we are a good enough person, the love of our lives will just fall down from the sky. Or, in relation to today’s way of dating, the love of your life will just send you an online dating message. Sadly, there’s only a one-in-a-million chance for this to happen. The reality is, our goodness won’t make us a woman magnet.

Traits That Will Make You A Woman Magnet

Being a good or nice guy is just the start. Take a look at this list, and see if you can spot these traits within yourself:

  1. Funny Or Witty

According to a study published in Science Direct, women are more attracted to men who have sense of humor. Based on the study, women are physically attracted to men who are funny. Guys with a sense of humor reveal their intelligence, creativity and good genes.

  1. Altruism

Who doesn’t admire a person who thinks of other people? Based on a study by Daniel Farrelly of the University of Sunderland, altruism can make you a woman magnet because it shows the kind of character you have. If you are altruistic, it is likely that you will be a good parent or a good life companion.

  1. Dog Lovers

Do guys with dogs really have all the luck? Mostly, yes. A study from the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, gents who own dogs are viewed by women as a great candidate for long-term relationships. Dog-ownership suggest that men can be committed and caring.

  1. Mindful

A mindful person is conscious, present, non-judgmental, or attentive. This particular study, done through speed dating, revealed that women pay more attention to men who are mindful – responding appropriately, and paying attention.

Do you think you have any of the traits on this list? You can always work on yourself to become the kind of men that women want to meet and spend time with. The lesson here is to always bring out the best in yourself through self-development and self-love. Share this post if you agree and don’t forget to check out more of our blog posts here.