You Must Know These Huge Red Flags In Online Dating

red flags AsianDate

These days there are many people who are opting for online dating instead of starting dating in the so-called real world. Online dating is very comfortable and fun. It is easy to connect with singles all around the world. However, there are some downsides to it: some online dating services cost too much and there is the issue of scammers. No matter how good a site’s anti-scam policy is or how tough their methods are in fighting scams, it still happens that the smarter ones manage to get through sometimes. So it is important for people who engage in online dating to know how to recognize the biggest red flags in online dating.

Getting To Know These Red Flags Could Save You

1. Asking for money.

The most common way to detect someone who isn’t in it for love is coming across someone who asks you for money. With scammers this usually happens very early in the conversations – most of them are out there looking for gullible daters. Some scammers are more sly and pretend to be interested in a serious relationship and then ask you for something. This is the part where too many good-hearted daters fall prey.

red flags AsianDate

2. All those excuses…

Let’s assume that you have been very interested in finally getting together after talking to this woman for months. But she keeps coming up with one excuse after another. Usually these people don’t want to do video calls either or verify who they are in some other way. If the person you are talking to doesn’t even want to do a voice chat then that is definitely suspect.

3. Inconsistent stories.

Even for a professional liar it is difficult to keep a lie going forever. If the woman you have been talking to suddenly changes important pieces of information then there may be something off. Who could forget their hometown’s name or when their birthday is? If more and more of these inconsistencies start showing up in your conversations then be careful.

4. Robotic messages.

One very common red flag in online dating is messages that don’t come across natural. In other words – they sound copied and pasted. Even if the woman you are talking to isn’t excellent in English, her messages wouldn’t be sounding robotic. Trust your intuition in a situation such as this.

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