What You Shouldn’t Expect from Dating Online

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When we do something for the first time we automatically think that the results are going to be favorable. This case is especially true with dating online: we see something about online dating on the web, we get excited and hopeful, we sign up to a random online dating website and then we get our hopes dashed and crushed because it didn’t work out the way we thought it would. It’s a very common scenario, but here are a few things that you should remember:

Expectations You Can’t Have From Dating Online

Responses just yet

So you sent out a couple of messages to attractive women from Eastern Europe and you haven’t heard from anyone yet. You’re thinking: “They should have replied by now”. We know how you feel but our suggestion is to shake it off. There are a number of reasons why you don’t have replies yet and it may have something to do with how your message sounds, your choice of words, etc.

dating online AsianDate

Hits just yet

Hits are basically people who view your profile. During the first few weeks or months, you’re going to feel like your invisible because not a lot of people will check out your profile. Again, we emphasize that there are a number of factors that come into play. One major factor would be how you composed your profile. If you didn’t spend as much time on your profile as you’re supposed to, then that could be one reason why you’re not getting a lot of hits.

Her to like you yet

It’s pretty clear that everybody wants to land a date when they go online dating (the name itself suggests it) but don’t move too fast when you finally find or meet someone who is interested in you. Take things slow. Get to know each other. Just because someone sent you a “hi” doesn’t automatically mean that they’re head over heels for you. Relax.

To be the first choice all the time

Real talk: Think of online dating as casting a wider net. It’s the case for you, it’s the case for her, it’s the case for everyone who is online dating. That’s the point. Don’t be let down by the notion of yourself only being the third, fourth or fifth choice. It’s nothing personal.

Honesty from everyone all the time

Another real talk topic: Almost everyone lies when online dating. You’ve probably been tempted to lie a little yourself, admit it. If you caught the other person telling you a fib, just let it pass. A word of caution though; know the difference and watch out for red flags. It’s one thing to tell a person that you’ve been to Thailand (when you actually haven’t) and it’s another to tell a person that you’re not married (even though you are).

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