What You Have To Do For Online Dating Success

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The most important part of online dating success would be your online dating profile. Composing it, however, is the most intimidating part! Let’s face it, the age old question of: “How do you describe yourself?” is far more difficult than answering a simple math problem. That’s why most profiles just seem to lack luster making the person who made it look uninteresting, boring, not worth the time, etc. You get the idea.

If this sounds like you then you absolutely need a profile make-over!

Interesting Profile Equals Online Dating Success

An Eye Catching Photo of Yourself

Most people tend to make the mistake here. They post photos of themselves in a group, they post selfies or they post inappropriate photos that send the wrong message. If your profile has all three, please delete them ASAP. First of all, your profile should be a nice headshot of you wearing the right clothes, bearing a nice smile (showing teeth). The rest of your photos can be photos of yourself on vacation, doing a hobby, or doing something interesting like sky diving.

Your photos can be conversation starters and first-impression makers! Remember that!

A Punchy Headline/Status line

Your headline/status line is where you put who you want to meet. It’s really tempting to put something witty in there but restrain yourself. Putting in too many clichés there is not putting your best foot forward. Maybe you can say, “Looking for a great coffee date at (Name of Fave Café) this week”. That should get people’s attention!

An Interesting but Real and Summarized Description of Yourself

OK, so here’s the tricky part. To help you out here are a few tips that you can follow:

• Introduce yourself, mention your hobbies or what you like to do for fun.
• State any type of distinctive habits or personal quirks you have.
• This should be like a sneak peak to the life you’re living now. Mention new interests, new movies you’ve seen, etc.

To help you out more, there are a lot of samples of great online profile that you can refer to when in doubt. Keep it short because nobody will sign up for online dating to read novel profiles. Keep it interesting because you want to stand out from the crowd. And, keep it real because lies are lies and you sure don’t want them to bite you on the behind in the future.

Put In the Effort!

It’s going to require a bit of time for you to do all of these but believe us when we say that it is going to pay off. Have you seen the movie: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? Well, this guy in the movie was just like you until he put in the effort. Do it. Get started. It’ll be worth it!