What To Do When You Have Problems With Moving In Together

moving in together AsianDate

For the sake of the article, let’s assume that you are interested in moving in together with your special someone after some time dating. The only problem is that your companion does not seem as over the moon about the idea as you are. So, we are going to share some ideas as to why that may be. Let’s take a closer look.

All The Possible Problems With Moving In Together

1. She Wants to Live Alone

One possible answer to why she is not willing to move in is that she wants to live by herself. Some people are not built to live with anyone. That is something we see occurring more and more these days. The single life offers too many benefits, and fewer couples decide to live together. Another reason may be that some of these folks have not matured fully. They may not want to make compromises necessary for two people living under the same roof.

moving in together AsianDate

2. Career vs. Family

A lot of women still feel pressure when it comes to creating a family. Their fear is that they must then give up what they have worked for so long. You may not be at a stage where you are even discussing a family but moving in together may remind her of that possibility. It could be that she worries things are moving too fast. Figure out if this is the case and if so, see if you can support her.

3. Doubts

Before you start worrying, know that we all have doubts about settling down with someone. If she has doubts, it may be because she is not a hundred percent sure that it is the right thing for her. Or if you are truly committed to this relationship. It is possible that all she needs is some reassurance from you. It could be that she wants to continue with dating for a little while longer before you take the big step.


Wondering why your partner does not seem to want to move in together is likely very stressful. All you can do is sit her down and see where your partner’s head is. Perhaps she wants to continue dating for a while before you go there. Perhaps she wants to prioritize her career. Maybe she isn’t interested in living together with someone. Clarify with her where you are in this relationship.