Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive to Asian Women

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Asia is home to, arguably, the most beautiful women in the world and, guess what, these women are longing to find their soul mate or the love of their lives. But, here’s the problem: the foreign man doesn’t always stand a chance because of a few reasons. #1 He didn’t do his homework and neglected to study Asian dating norms or #2 He’s not that much of a gentleman (meaning he has ulterior motives). If this is you (number 1 not number 2), then you’ve come to the right place because it is help that we offer in the form of our shortlist on how to make yourself more attractive to Asian women.

What’s Attractive To Asian Women

1. Dress like you mean it.

Most men just go for the obvious jeans and t-shirt – pretty common. But, if you look sickeningly good with just jeans and a t-shirt on, own it (think Nick Bateman)! You’ll have no problems impressing Asian women. On the other hand, if you look frumpy and saggy with jeans and t-shirts, you probably need to up your game (think David Beckham or He Spoke Style).

2. Foreign allure preserved.

Avoid embarrassing situations – this is basically it. You need to put yourself in a situation where you can be confident and where you can shine. Don’t allow yourself to be out-shined by Asian men talking about Asia related problems. If it’s not your scene, avoid it to preserve your foreign allure.

3. Learning about her through her culture.

Asian women love it when you just know things about her culture without sounding too know-it-all. It also helps if you know a few phrases from her mother tongue too. This is why it’s essential (and we always advise this) to do your homework.

4. No to ants in the pants.

Down boy! Asian women are not easy! If you just went to Asia or if you scoured the whole internet for a piece of Asian intimacy, you’re going to fail before you even start. There are Asian women who are like that, to be honest but if you’re goal is to have intimacy as well as a serious relationship then you won’t have any luck if you’re thinking about being intimate all the time. Be patient and, most of all, be a gentleman for goodness sake.

They Are Still Women

Just because Asian women live in Asia, it doesn’t mean that they are easy or that they can be bought off with money. It takes a whole lot more to impress these women so better take heed. Follow our tips and you’ll do great with attracting Asian women!