Want a Better Relationship?

a better relationship AsianDate

Relationships are all around us. We have work relationships, personal relationships and possibly school ones too. Every aspect of our lives involves one kind of relationship or another. At work we have to relate to our boss and coworkers. At school we have teachers, professors and classmates. At home we have our spouse, kids, parents, neighbors and friends. These are all people that are in our lives and we need to communicate with and respond to them. Having positive relationships keeps us healthy and feeling good about ourselves. So, what can we do to make each and every one of those a better relationship?

a better relationship AsianDate

A Better Relationship Is Achievable and This Is How

There are two important ingredients to having a good relationship. The first is trust and the second is good communication. Out of these two, trust is more important. Without trust, we tend to pull away from and not engage in conversation with a person we are in a relationship with. Without conversation or contact, a relationship will fade.

Trust is essential in any relationship because we cannot get close to a person if trust is lacking. Trust is needed to be able to feel vulnerable with someone. The normal instinct is to guard oneself from any perceived harm. We naturally mistrust new ideas and people who are new to us. An intimate relationship requires bringing yourself into someone else’s personal space. That requires a closeness that makes you vulnerable to that person. You need to be assured that your person has good intentions before closeness is possible.

When others lie to us, hurt us emotionally or physically; trust is broken. It is difficult to rebuild trust, but not impossible. Over time we can build trust up by doing things that assure others that we can care for them, be truthful to them and that they can rely on us. Without trust, a good partnership cannot exist.

There has to be some kind of good communication between two people in order for a relationship to exist between them. The communication can be of any type – written, oral, body language or hand signals. A relationship centers on being able to recognize and relate to each other. When the lines of communication break down, a distance is created between the two. In order for the relationship to be repaired, communication must be restored.

Leave Fear At Your Doorstep

There are many fears in relationships such as the fear of being abandoned or replaced, the fear of being disliked, and the fear of being ignored. Successful relationships assure each other that these fears are groundless. Good relationships are those where both parties feel comfortable, validated, admired, and needed, and don’t ever forget that.

Should a fear creep into your relationship you must address the fear with the one you are in a relationship with. Having the ability to admit your fear takes courage. If you value the relationship you will find the courage to confess your fear. Once confessed, the two of you can discuss the fear and solutions can be found to reassure, validate and comfort each other so that the relationship can be made stronger.

Insecurities and doubts creep up in most relationships from time to time, they are the result of events that occur in our lives. Communication allows these insecurities and doubts to be addressed and when we feel that we can be vulnerable with the one we have a relationship with, we can be open with them concerning our insecurities and doubts, because we know we can feel safe discussing them.

If you want a better relationship with a spouse, a child, your parent, someone at work or school; you must first gain their trust, and develop good communication skills. A good relationship is nurtured and cultivated over time, so be patient. For more advice on love and relationships, visit the rest of our blog.