Tips to Help You Win Over The Family Of Your Asian Girlfriend

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Family – it will and always will be part of the Asian culture. Asians are very family oriented which is why, if you have your heart set on getting and keeping an Asian girlfriend, you have to understand how an Asian family thinks and what their family dynamics are. You may have averted making a good impression with your past girlfriends’ families but in this case, you really have to if you want a long term relationship with an Asian lady. Think of it as a hand out (you can thank us later).

Your Asian Girlfriend Will Appreciate It If You Do This Around Her Family

Don’t be too sensitive

When your Asian girlfriend tells her family about you, don’t expect them to be ecstatic. Remember that their are a lot of foreign men who visit Asia for vacation and to have a little bit of “fun” on the side, if you know what we mean, so, naturally, her family is going to be skeptical about her introducing a foreigner to the family. Random questions will be asked, comments will be made, maybe slightly dirty looks will be given. In any case, don’t be too sensitive about it. It might just be a test to see what you’re real intentions are.

Forcing it will result in failure

Sometimes, the pressure of making a good first impression proves to be too much. If you’re the worrying kind, you’re definitely going to get nervous and maybe overdo the whole making a good impression deal. STOP. BREATH and RELAX. Forcing things to go your way won’t result in anything good. Just let things happen naturally.

Frequently visit

The truth is, in order for your Asian girlfriend’s family to truly get to know you and trust you, you have to be around often. Of course, since you’re in a long distance relationship with their daughter or family member, the word “often” can vary in meaning. You just have to make sure that you visit once in a while and that you’re prepared to do this – both financially and emotionally. You may think that this is too demanding but, buddy, this is what it takes so if you’re intention is not for long-term, you better rethink your approach.

Keep promises

You have to show your Asian girlfriend’s family that you can be and are reliable. Being reliable includes showing up when you said you would, keeping your promises, being honest with your intentions and so on. Reliability is a very attractive trait to her family so make sure you have lots of it in your system.

Open communication with your Ukrainian girlfriend

If all else fails (and we’re pretty sure that it won’t if you follow the first tips), all you have to do is be open to your Asian girlfriend about it. Express your worry and tell her that her parents might not be as supportive as you imagined. If she’s really into the relationship, she’ll give you even better tips than we just did.

Family is Important

Loving your Asian girlfriend means that you need to love all of her and that includes her culture and her family. Don’t worry too much about making a good first impression because if a couple is truly made for each other, everything will just fall into place naturally.