Things an Asian Female Thinks of During Courtship

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An Asian female thinks of a lot of things during the courting stage of the relationship. You don’t have to necessarily know everything that she’s thinking of, but we figured that for you to succeed in impressing her and going to the next phase of the relationship, you need to know these main things she’s thinking of while you’re doing the courting.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about this word first: courting. When you ask Google about the meaning of this word, it’ll tell you this: “to be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying“. Though old fashioned to many, Asian dating culture still very much embraces the principle, which brings us to the first of many…

Thoughts of an Asian Female

“This is a sign of his commitment.”

Courtship is to an Asian lady as dating is to you. In your culture, dating may be viewed as something that is not serious but, in the Asian culture, the opposite can be said. Courting itself is a sign of your commitment. This means that when you start courting a lady, you have the intention of going into a serious relationship with her and, eventually, marrying her.

“I have to look my absolute best.”

She wants to look her best and expects you to notice. Don’t complain when she takes too long to get ready. When she, finally, is ready, remember your compliments – both through words (not so much of this) and through actions (more of this during your dates).

“Let’s see what this man is made of.”

An Asian female will test you in many ways to see if you’re really sincere. You must show your determination to be with her. This is why you can’t be shy when calling her first or making the first move. The same also goes during your dates – if you don’t start or engage in a conversation with her, you’re out, buddy.

“Zoom in on his character.”

Rather than looking at your interests or physical appearance, an Asian lady will look at your character. Well, not all Asian women do this but the ones who are really serious about finding a good man will. With this point said, you can’t really pretend to be someone you’re not because Asian ladies are good at peeling onions – they know how to peel off the layers to get to the core.

You’ll Have Better Luck When…

Most men won’t even take 5 minutes out of their time to read this, but the ones who do (or did) will definitely have better luck with the Asian ladies because they took the time to understand how an Asian female’s mind works. We’re hoping that you’re one of the few. Don’t forget to share this post!