The Correct Way to End a Relationship

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If you have decided to end a relationship, there is actually a right way and a wrong way to go about breaking up with someone.

You will want to make sure that you are ready to completely break off the relationship. If you are just thinking about it, wait until you know for sure, once you tell them that you want to break up you can not hold them accountable for how they deal with it, which possibly would include being with someone else.

All The Steps You Need to Take If You Want To End a Relationship

You want to make sure that you are not in the middle of a fight when you end the relationship. Not only may you be ending it too hastily, but the other person will not take you serious and will chalk it up to you just being angry.

end a relationship AsianDate

Once you have decided that you are completely done with the relationship, call them and tell them that you need to speak to them in person. Set up a time and place to meet with them. It should be somewhere quiet and where there won’t be a lot of friends and family around that can cause the situation to become embarrassing. Also, by having friends or family present, they may attempt to get in the middle and make an ugly scene. They could also try to help the two of you “fix” the relationship when that is not what you want.

When you meet with them you will want to be completely honest, don’t hold back and go lightly on the situation. The reason for this is if they think that there’s not that much wrong then they may think that they can change those few things and get you back. You have to let them know exactly why you are done and that you want to just move on. Make it clear that there is no fixing the relationship and that you will not consider a reconciliation.

Once you have ended the relationship, do not confuse the issue by trying to jump into being friends. If you do end up being friends down the road, it will have to be once you have both had a chance to get past your feelings for each other.

Do not go to them for sex. There were feelings between the two of you and just because you feel that you are at a point where you can just have sex with them with no strings attached doesn’t mean that they are at that point.

When you have a problem it will be natural for you to want to call this person. You can’t do this. You ended the relationship and will have to find another source of support. It’s not fair to the person to have you act in a confusing manner. Break up and then allow them time and space to get over you.