Red Flags That Should Make You Skip Her Dating Profile

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Let’s face it. There are turn-offs in every dating profile that we come across. Most of the time, though, we fail to notice it because: 1. We didn’t read the entire profile from start to finish, 2. We were focusing more on the pictures (admiring how pretty or handsome she or he is), 3. We just ignore it. These red flags could mean different things but the bottom line is, a profile containing a red flag (or several red flags, for the matter) might spell trouble for you. So we are advising you to skip her dating profile if you see one of these red flags.

You Should Skip Her Dating Profile If You See Any Of These Things

1. High number of divorces.

Usually, with online dating websites, they do not let people sign in if they’ve had 3 or more divorces. It just does not look good on a dating profile and it doesn’t stir up positive thoughts coming from the person reading the profile. No matter how well written a profile is, or no matter how good looking the profile owner might be, if there’s a higher number of divorces indicated, it’s a big turn off especially if you’re the type of person who’s looking to have a serious relationship for marriage. Sure, anyone can make a mistake in life, but you should start thinking about someone’s character if they’ve had three or more unsuccessful marriages in life.

skip her dating profile AsianDate

2. Inconsistencies/Too Good To Be True.

If you come across a profile picture of someone that catches your eye, make sure that you do not send a message right away. Read his or her entire profile and see what kind of impression you can get from there. For sure, if the profile picture was well taken, that would make you feel happy or excited that you’ve found such a good looking person who you can potentially talk to. However, if there are inconsistencies it might mean that his or her profile was edited or was made by someone else. Common inconsistencies include:

  • Physical description – The profile says that the person has blue eyes but the picture shows that the person has brown.
  • Jobs – On the profile, it says that the person is a student but later on it says again that the person is a manager.

3. Character issues.

Nobody wants to date someone who is: moody, easily angered, judgmental, cruel and so on. Of course, we all have faults but it’s not advisable to parade your weaknesses on your online dating profile. It’s a turn off for most, coming of as you are really proud of your faults and not planning to change them or work on them. Think of it this way: if you just met a person and then the person says: “I’d like to be friends with you but I’m very hypocritical”, how would you feel about that?

4. Travel and luxury.

Most women have these two things on their dating profile. “To travel the world” sounds very normal – even adventurous – but to travel the world in jet-setter style may seem too ambitious which is why we’ve considered this to be a red flag. A person is in online dating to find true love and not an ATM machine (if you get our drift).

5. Number of children.

This one will definitely depend on preferences. If you love children then this will not bother you, definitely, but if you’re the type who wants to wait a certain age before starting a family, this could make you want to pass on this person’s dating profile. It certainly is something you should at least pay attention to when you are online dating, since children are the most important part of someone’s life.

Did we miss anything?

Are there other red flags on dating profiles that we all need to watch out for and that would make you skip her dating profile? Do you have any experiences going for dating profiles that had red flags? If you think you need more dating tips after this, visit the rest of our blog.