Red Flags in Dating You Should Watch Out For

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For those who are new to online dating, gathering knowledge before diving head into it is essential. It is a different world than what you are used to. Safety should always be your number one priority in online dating. Let’s have a look at some of the things you want to pay attention to and red flags in dating you should never ignore.

Red Flags In Dating You Must Never Ignore

1. Policies

The site you choose for online dating needs to have a proper anti-scam policy. A money-back guarantee should be just that – guaranteed. Also, your personal data needs to be kept confidential – look for that clause in the policy. If the portal you are on doesn’t have anything like this, ditch it and move on to find a better one.

2. Money

If you find that someone keeps asking you for money on an online dating site and reporting them to the customer service doesn’t help then it’s time to move on. Being asked for money is by far the biggest red flag there is. Is is plausible that that someone is still interested in you as a person when all they seem to want to talk about is your money? Probably not.

3. Meeting Up

If you find that the women on the portal are reluctant to either video chat or meet face to face then something is up. Not being able to verify a person’s identity like this poses a big problem. How can you tell that the person is indeed who they say they are? You simply can’t.

4. Other Profiles

If you find identical profiles of the women on other dating portals or even profiles with the same names but different photos, then something fishy is going on. If you set up a new profile somewhere else you would likely not copy it from another site.

There are more tips for staying safe in online dating and we recommend you do more research on your own. Protecting your personal information and finances is crucial in the world of dating online.