Reasons She’s Not Ready To Settle Down

ready to settle down AsianDate

You have been dating your Perfect Match for a while now and you are ready to take the next big step. She is perfect in every imaginable way but she’s not ready to settle down? Don’t worry, we made a list with couple of possible reasons which may clear up what’s going on in her head.

Do You Think She’s Ready To Settle Down? Think Again

Career Vs. Family

Modern way of life change the way women used to prioritize things. Not that long time ago, women were responsible for raising families while their men were out there working and taking care of the bills. Today, women are as fierce in pursuing their careers as well as men are if not more. Maybe your woman wants to be equal to you and that’s why she’s torn apart between having a successful career and stable family life. The best way to handle this situation is to sit down and have a talk. You can be supportive and tell her that she can have both because you will help her the best you can with raising a child.

ready to settle down AsianDate

She enjoys living on her own

We all know moving in together is a huge step in a relationship, even for women. She’s probably enjoying having a time on her own decorating the place with feminine candles, pink towels and being able to walk around without her makeup. She’s intimidated when thinking about changing daily rituals she has that you probably won’t like. At this point, the only person she needs to take care of is herself. When you start sharing living space she’ll need to take care of you too. She’ll have to wash your clothes and cook meals every day. And that’s the thing she’s afraid of.

She wants to learn more about herself

Every person has that stage in life when he/she wants to learn about herself and enjoy spending time on their own. And to be honest, it’s the right thing to do – explore and get to know yourself before you step into a serious relationship. You have to be a grown up and know what you (don’t) want from life. If you’re happy with yourself, you’ll be able to make someone else happy too. Don’t resent her that. Instead, have a bit of patience and see what happens within a year.

She’s not too sure about you

Maybe she is ready to settle down but she’s not too confident about you doing the same thing. Maybe she’s having doubts about you being a grown up man that knows how to take care of himself. Prove her the best you can she has no reason to doubt you and she’ll change her mind very quickly.

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