A New Set of Online Dating Rules You Should Be Aware Of

online dating rules AsianDate

The rules that we have in society are constantly changing. In the aspect of dating, for example, it was customary for a man to approach the girl, ask her out, fetch the girl at her house, pay for the entire date and then bring her back home. We may see small fragments of this here and there, depending on the cultural background you come from, but generally speaking, things have drastically changed. This may be because women’s roles in society have now evolved and women are more empowered. But there are many different factors that contribute to a new set of online dating rules today.

What The Online Dating Rules Are in our Society Today

1. Approach and Conquer
Remember when we said that men usually do the approaching? Well not these days. This may have been the trend in Europe already but the rest of the world is catching up. Gender roles don’t have that big of an impact in today’s dating world. So this means that if you’re a woman, at a bar and you see someone that sparked your interest, you can definitely go for it. For men, this may be a breath of fresh air as they’ve done the approaching for decades.

online dating rules AsianDate

Conquer, on the other hand, doesn’t mean that you make a game out of dating. We say the word conquer because, at most times, you need to conquer your fear of being rejected. Usually, when we see someone we like it doesn’t automatically mean that this person will like us back. There’s always that chance of being denied, but we’re saying that you shouldn’t let this stop you from meeting new people.

2. Casual in Everything
The way men approached women before was with pick-up lines such as, “You look like you work out” or “Do you go here often”. These do not work anymore with the new online dating rules. When it comes to conversing with people you’d like to ask out, the key is to actually have a conversation. Say something like, “Hi”, “How’s your day going” or ask genuine questions that actually trigger a conversation.

3. Take things as they come
We can’t help but set expectations for someone if we feel special feelings for them. The rule however is to disregard feelings like “he’s going to be my future everything” or “she’s going to bear my children in her womb” kind of thoughts. Take things as they are and take it a day at a time. Let it flow naturally without predicting what the next “step” to your “relationship” is.

The online dating rules have certainly changed, right? It’s important for us in the society to be aware of these (even if we just mentioned three) so we can be more up to speed with how the dating world is like for our generation.