Online Dating Dilemma: Should I Meet Her or Not?

online dating dilemma AsianDate

An example of an online dating dilemma that is very common is this – you’ve been in correspondence with a woman for more than a couple of months and you find that you are falling head over heels for her. You feel as if you can’t want for another minute for your first meeting, but you are hesitant and asking yourself: “Should I Meet Her or Not? Is is the right time? Is it too early? Should I wait with this?”. Feeling pressure over this decision is understandable and asking these questions is very healthy. It means you are taking this issue seriously and are wondering what is the best outcome for you and her.

There are certain clues that imply that you are ready to meet and others that imply that you’re not ready just yet. The following clues should help you out.

This Is How You Resolve This Online Dating Dilemma

1. Is she even real?

Surely you are aware that there are situations where it turns out that someone has pretended to be who they are not. How sure are you that you’re dealing with a real person who is who she says she is? If you’ve been in constant communication for over three months and haven’t been video chatting(it happens!) or you haven’t even spoken on the phone you need to make sure that it is a real person before you start planning a trip. It is important to take precautionary measures – follow your dating portal’s advice on safety. Ask her detailed questions and check for inconsistencies. It sounds bad if you really like this person but better safe than sorry!

online dating dilemma AsianDate

2. Have you noticed any red flags?

By red flags we mean signs that indicate that something is off. These red flags may mean that you are indeed dealing with a scammer. Of course they could be harmless as well. You need to make sure. Red flags include: asking for personal information right away, asking for money. You will find more safety tips posted on the site but these two are the most obvious red flags.

3. Does she show enough interest?

If your European date passes these questions, then the next question is: Is she dropping hints that she may want to meet in the future? Typically if you’ve been chatting for a long time, you should be able to tell. If she’s seriously into you, she will show her interest.

Think About It

Once you’ve scanned through these three questions and you still aren’t sure then it’s probably best to put meeting on hold for a while. You need to make sure that everything is in check so the relationship would progress. Make the most of online dating tips to help you make sure you have a great online dating experience.