How To Make A Perfect Profile And Catch All The Attention On Dating Sites

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So you decided to join a dating site to find and meet that one special person. Be it for fun, friendship or romance. You fill out some forms. Upload a picture. And then you wait. And wait. And wait. You are wondering why nobody responds to your call. You are such a nice person, can’t they see that? Well, here’s the answer. They probably can’t because your dating profile isn’t noticed by the thousands of visitors on the dating site. How can you change that? Well here are some tips for a perfect profile.

These Are The Steps To Your Perfect Profile

To have your profile noticed and get responses from potential matches your profile really needs a picture. You can describe yourself in a thousand words but a picture says it all. So before you go online and put your profile together you should decide which picture, or pictures, you are going to use. Most important, it must be a current one. Browse through your collection and find one where you are relaxed and comfortable. Snapshots from parties or holidays show you more as the person you are than a picture taking for a driver’s license (most of them look like mug shots anyway). If you can’t find a suitable picture and you have a digital camera you could ask a friend to take some pictures.

The Profiler

Everyone who writes a profile for a dating site should try to make it unique. Is this difficult to accomplish? No, and I tell you why. Because every person is unique. When you write about yourself you are writing about a unique person with his or her unique personality. As long as this personality shows in your profile your profile will be unique among the thousands of other profiles. Be positive about yourself and be positive about the reasons why you are looking for someone. A depressing or desperate profile won’t get many reactions. If any at all.

I’ll Tell The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Cheating yourself into meeting someone from a dating site gets you nowhere. If you lie about your looks you will fear the moment that someone wants to meet you. The same goes for impressing someone with a lifestyle, income or possessions you don’t have. You will be exposed the moment you meet your new friend for real. And you will be sorry forever if you lose a friendship, or maybe more, because you weren’t honest.

Do We Have Contact?

Now the fun part begins. Your perfect profile is interesting and inviting. You added one or more pictures showing you in a relaxed and confident state. And it pays off…you receive your first response. Step one is completed. Let’s move on to step two. You have attracted the attention of another person with your profile and your picture and this person wants to get in contact with you. Most of the times email is used for the first contacts. Email is great. It gives you time to think about a response to a question or to think about something you want to ask the other person. Write as if you are talking to this person. Be communicative, be funny, be serious. Just be you, but remember that every email must be inviting enough to reply again. So, don’t be boring or reply with short answers. You have to make an effort to keep the contact alive.

One final advice. You don’t have to sit and wait until someone responds to your profile. Browse the profiles and send a reaction to the persons you think are interesting. Since you put dedication and effort in your profile you’ve got something to show. Grab the attention and lead them to your perfect profile. If they like what they see and read, they will reply to your invitation to meet each other online.