Here’s How Your Long Distance Relationship Beats The Normal One

long distance relationship AsianDate

Most people have an opinion that a long distance relationship is meant to end up badly because you don’t get to see the other person every day. While some aspects of online dating are indeed negative, there are others that you may have never thought of – the upsides of online long distance relationships. This article describes 5 good reasons why it can be beneficial to both of you.

Long Distance Relationship Has A Bunch Of Benefits, So Reconsider

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sounds really cliché but it is known to be true. While your partner is on the other side of the world you will find yourself day-dreaming and planning for the time you see each other. You really learn to value what you have. That makes your conversations more meaningful compared to those of couples who see each other daily.

long distance relationship AsianDate

2. Communicating becomes a priority.

With LDR’s there is the lack of physical presence of the other person so you will settle for the next best thing – the virtual presence – Skype conversations, CamShare, voice calls and so on. You will be feeling that you need constant communication with your partner and that develops your communication skills.

3. With LDR’s you get to live your own life.

We realize this sounds bad but let us explain; we mean that you aren’t dependent on each other and you don’t live through them. It often happens when people are together that the relationship can get in the way of them wanting to, for example, move to another state for a better education or a better job. LDR couples are much more flexible.

4. LDRs test your commitment.

Being in a long distant relationship isn’t easy. You can’t take it lightly with very little commitment. It is important to focus on scheduling the time you can talk because you are most likely in different time zones. This is going to be very testing and you must put in effort to communicate the best you can.

5. If you build a successful LDR you can survive anything in life.

Dealing with having someone you love be so far away from you for most of the time is very difficult. Building a strong relationship out of this is an amazing accomplishment. You will definitely get past anything else life might throw at you.

Hopefully this list has convinced you that there are upsides to online long distance relationships. Still being skeptical is understandable but there are plenty of success stories that prove our point. Good luck with finding love online and for more tips like these, be sure to come back to our blog.