If She Doesn’t Want To Go On A Second Date, This Is Why

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So, you went on that all-important first date and you had a good time. You thought it was the beginning of something beautiful, but all of a sudden she does not return your calls. Or if she does, she keeps making excuses not to go on a second date.

Why Does She Not Want To Go On A Second Date

It isn’t only the fact that she refuses to see you again that’s baffling you, it is also the worry that the same thing might happen again in future. All you can do it look at the reasons this may be if you want to ensure that next time there will be a second date.

You scared her off. When we like someone, it may come naturally for us to show our fascination and excitement. However, talking about your future marriage and your beautiful babies and 2 Labradors in your cottage on a first date is a little premature. Three words: hold your horses.

Too much ego. While we all think we are the best thing since sliced bread, it is wrong to make a date all about us. Did you give her enough time and attention? Did you make sure she contributed enough to the conversation or was it all you? If you make a date all about you, guess who you will be going on the next date with (yes, that’s you).

second date AsianDate

You’re too different. Even though some differences might spice up a relationship, not seeing eye to eye on a number of issues may have put her off. From politics to religion and from hobbies to future dreams and aspirations, sometimes people just don’t click. You may not have noticed because we tend to pay attention to different things – different political views may mean nothing to you but be of utmost importance to her, for instance.

You were on your phone too much. It may come as a surprise, but more and more dates and relationships fail because people are too preoccupied with their mobile phones. Constantly checking your Facebook account, your Instagram followers or your Twitter feed is not just boring- it is disrespectful. If you can’t take your eyes off your phone, maybe it is best that you don’t take it out at all.

Too much talk about your ex. There is nothing women hate more than to hear about a person’s ex. It doesn’t matter if you praised or badmouthed her, what is in your past must be left there. On your next date, you need to pretend that this is the first woman you ever go out with.

There was no chemistry. Don’t beat yourself up or worry too much about this one. There are things we can explain and things we simply cannot. The chemistry between two people falls in the latter category, and there is simply nothing one can do about it. Simply move on. There is someone out there for you and they are waiting to go on a first, second and third date with you.

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