How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile

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The number of people who use online dating has grown immensely. Statistics shows that one in three marriages takes place thanks to some sort of online connection. If you are looking to be one of those people who gets into a wonderful relationship online, then this is perfect for you. Here are some helpful tips about improving your dating profile.

Common Mistakes People Make on Their Dating Profile

1. Being too generic. What you need to do is make yourself sound interesting and memorable. “I’m just a nice guy/girl looking for love” is about the most boring sentence on the planet. People quickly move on from a profile like that. Try being much more unique. If you call yourself caring then list a few examples of it. Like “I’m the person who is ready to take care of you when something bad happens.”

2. Grammar mistakes. Think about it – your profile will give people a first impression of who you are and remember that people are a lot tougher on others when it comes to the online world. If you mess up simple words online, people will make an assumption that you have little education. Use that dictionary.

3. How long or short it is. You don’t want to be too brief or add too much information. Filling up the about me section is the hardest thing to do, so you can ask advice from friends or even hire a professional to write for you.

Ideas For a Good Profile Photo

1. Your profile picture is the most important one – it is the first time people see you so you want to make it as great as possible. The best idea is to look at the camera and wear a smile. Try to look friendly and open so people would be interested in clicking on your profile.

2. Body shots. Yes, body shots. If people find your head-shot (profile picture) attractive they will want to know what you look like top down. You can upload a picture of you enjoying one of your hobbies. Ask a friend to help you out with these pictures.

3. Remember to dress to impress on the pictures as well as not add pictures with anyone else in them. No kids, no friends and so on. It will raise too many questions. Pet pictures work, especially for the guys. Who doesn’t love a hunk that loves dogs.

Follow these tips and you will see more success with your online dating.