How To Find Out If She’s Interested In You Or Not

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Let’s say that you have been chatting to a gorgeous Asian beauty for a month now and you feel as if you’re on cloud number nine. You may even feel as if you are falling in love. But out of nowhere your partner disappears with no trace; no messages, no answers to your calls, nothing. You start wondering if you read the signs right, start thinking that you were led on and you don’t know if it’s something you said or maybe she just wasn’t as interested in you as you were in her.

If you are new to online dating then this may be especially devastating for you and in the future, in order to avoid getting your heart broken you should remember the following signs and watch out to find out if she’s interested in you.

She focuses a lot on her love troubles

You have been mostly talking about general stuff so far and then all of a sudden your gorgeous date starts talking about this guy. She says she isn’t all that interested in him but at the same time keeps bringing him up. STOP! Notice that you have been put in the friends zone. The only way out of it is asking her right away if she has any romantic interest in you. If not then move on.

She isn’t as flirty as you thought

Are you aware that online dating can give people an intimate connection with each other just like in the real world? There are studies that show that people will quickly feel as if they have known the other person for a while even if they’ve only been chatting for a week. With that said, at some point you should start seeing flirtation happen here and there. If it hasn’t occurred in your chats yet then it could be that she is a bit shy or it may be that she isn’t that into you. The way to figure out what is going on is to simply flirt with her a bit and see how she reacts.

She wants to introduce you to one of her friends

In the beginning she indicates that she only wants you to herself and that she is really into you. Where things get suspicious is if she all of a sudden wants to introduce you to one of her female friends. If you notice that she starts bringing this person up more and more in your conversations then it is probably better for you to move on.

This part in online dating is rather tricky. It isn’t easy to tell if someone is sincerely interested in you or are they just playing a part. There are more signs to pay attention to so you can do more research online. Luckily Asian women are more upfront about things so getting a straight answer shouldn’t be too hard.