How To Be Sure You Are Dating Safe Online

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There are so many ways for you to get your heart broken. One sure way is if you send money (loads of it) and then find out that the person who you thought was as madly in love with you as you are with her, was not even a woman in the first place. Bummer! BIG BUMMER! You just got scammed if this is your situation. And you are definitely not dating safe online.

It is because of this reason that you should assess every online relationship you’ve ever had. If you have one now, make sure that you go through this checklist of seven things that will tell you how safe you are currently.

You’ll Know If You Are Dating Safe Online After You Check This

1. She is not asking for money.

If the issue of finances has never really come up, has never been thought of or is not the main topic of your talks that it is a good sign. If your lady is sincere in her intentions, she should be focusing on how to make you fall for her instead of asking for money from you.

dating safe online AsianDate

2. You’re not giving money.

Asking for money and giving money voluntarily are two different things. An unhealthy way of doing online dating is by sending out money even if the other person didn’t really ask for it. For example, let’s say the person you’re chatting with just shared a personal problem with you and then says that she might not be able to go online most of the time so she can concentrate solving the problem. You offer to give her financial support. NO, stop right there because that is not wise.

3. She sends you photos you asked for.

One way of finding out if the person you’re chatting with really looks the way she looks in her pictures is by asking for a photo of her doing something specific. If you ask her to take a picture of herself in her garden and she doesn’t have any problem with it (and the picture arriving a couple of minutes after your request) then you’re good.

4. Both of you do calls or video calls every once in a while.

Here’s another rule for safe online dating. Have video or regular calls with the person your chatting with every once in a while. Either way, you need to do this to confirm her identity.

5. There’s no mysterious emergency.

This one is not definitive but chances are, if she has emergency after emergency with disappearing acts in between, she might be up to something strange or not good. The average person  only experiences emergencies every so often and not once, twice or even thrice a month.

6. You don’t feel that something’s going on.

You always go with how your gut feels. If this does not occur much during your talks with her, chances are, nothing is going on but if you’ve observed even just one or two behaviors that make you say, “Something is not right” then you have to be on your toes and watch out for all the red flags.

7. Your friends and family are OK with it.

If you really like this girl you’re online dating, you’ve already shared details with your family. If, based on the stories and the emails that you’ve shared, they’re happy for you – not fake happy but truly happy – then you’re in the green. Your friends and family always have your best interest in mind so they’re the best judges for the situation you’re in.

Don’t Let Your Judgement Be Clouded And You’ll Be Dating Safe Online

Don’t be fooled by the sweet talk and the seductive lines. You should never let your guard down if you feel like you don’t know her that well yet. Don’t let anything cloud your judgement. Listen to your instincts and your friends and family – these are the most important things in dating safe online.