How Important It Is To Look Good On Dating Sites?

With regards to the world of online dating, we now know that age and race play important roles when it comes to getting your profile noticed. However, we haven’t yet talked about a person’s appearance. It’s something minute if you really weigh it out with other factors but is it a factor that’s significant enough to affect your online “date-ability” level? Let’s break this down into the different types of media that we see on online dating sites.

What To Be Careful About Building A Profile On Dating Sites

The Pressure of a Profile Picture

There are a thousand blog posts about uploading the perfect profile picture to boost your chances of getting an online date. These tips include smiling, dressing appropriately, uploading solo shots and the like – they all sound great but what you might not notice about these posts is that they place a certain amount of weight on how you look.

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These blogs say that it’s necessary for you to make the right first impression and that’s the main point – the first impression. Online dating, be it if you agree or disagree, is all about first impressions. Looking fantastic on your profile picture comes with generally positive ideas or assumptions on who you are as a person. So for this aspect, appearance plays an important role.

A Photo Gallery of a Thousand Words (or More)

Do you know the song that goes: “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?” If you’re familiar with it then you probably already know that the first part of the sentence is a proven fact – a picture does say a thousand or more words about a person. That’s why, apart from looking great in your profile picture, you also need to look equally as good (but on a more casual or natural setting) on your photo gallery. Again, it’s all about the first impression and this is just another piece of proof that your appearance (is and) should be important if you want to meet the woman of your dreams online.

What if I’m not attractive?

“Since first impressions and appearances are important with online dating, what should I do if I’m not physically attractive?” Good question but let’s not forget the main point that we’ve been repeating throughout this post: it’s all about the first impression. In short, you don’t have to be physically attractive because, let’s face it, we can’t all look like David Beckham or Brad Pitt (still gorgeous as the years go by).

Appearance does play an important role when it comes to online dating but it’s not as important as your first impression.

You don’t need to “make” yourself physically attractive to better your chances at finding love. Appearance is important but if you work on your first impression – solid dating profile, great smile, confident personality, interesting characteristic, funny/natural demeanor – the women won’t even notice that you have a beer belly hiding under your t-shirt.