How Important Are Your Good Looks In Online Dating?

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There has been a lot of research done on online dating. Out of that research we have come to know that age and race plays a role when it comes to getting your profile noticed. An aspect that isn’t talked about that much is someone’s good looks. It sounds so trivial to people when compared to other factors but there is a connection. A good appearance is important. Lets have a look at the types of media we see on online dating profiles.

Should You Pay Attention To Your Good Looks?

The Profile Picture

Single-handedly the most important piece of media on portal. There are tons of article out there about what’s important on with a profile picture. There are tips that include smiling on the photo, dressing up, going for solo shots and so forth – these all sound very reasonable and they emphasize your looks and looks matter a lot with online dating. First impressions leave a lasting memory and you want to make sure you get it right.

The Photo Gallery

Everyone is familiar with the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it is very true. You want to think about what certain pictures say about you. If you upload a ton of pictures of yourself having fun with friends at parties it leaves an impression that you party A LOT. If that is who you are and you’re trying to leave that impression then great. But if you’re uploading them to seem more outgoing you may want to consider adding pictures from other social events. Family events, concerts, opening of an art show and so forth.

Insecure About Your Looks?

We have mentioned that appearances and first impressions matter with online dating. Our main point is that the first impression is what counts the most. Focus on that aspect. Get some advice from your friends or help from a stylist at a clothes store.

The Conclusion

Getting into shape is never a bad idea but doing that with the thinking that it’s the only way to attract someone isn’t the right approach. Good looks matter in online dating but there are other factors as well: your personality, your interests, your demeanor and so forth.