Does She Deserve a Second Chance?

second chance AsianDate

“It’s not easy to forgive someone who hurt you”. That’s the sentence that was probably crossing your mind as you were reading the title of the article. We agree, it’s not easy, but sometimes it’s well worth it and sometimes it is time to move on. If you think about changing your mind and welcoming someone back to your life, consider the following pros and cons, before you decide if she deserves a second chance.

second chance AsianDate

Second Chance Or Not, Do This, And You Will Know


1. She makes you happy most of the time

That’s the first thing you should consider. Has your relationship made you happy or has it been hell for quite a while but you just didn’t have the courage to break it up? If the answer is affirmative then maybe she’s worth the extra effort.

2. You two are best friends

If you honestly believe she is your best friend and feel like you’ll be missing a big piece of your life without her, she deserves a second chance. You should go slowly though – stay friends with her, start gaining trust with each other and see how that will develop.

3. She showed you she’s regretting it deeply

If she’s going out of her way to reassure you she loves you and admits making a mistake, then she does genuinely regrets it. And if that’s the case, it’s definitely a good sign. Nobody’s perfect and everybody can make mistakes sometimes. But remember one thing – your trust is a privilege that she needs to earn back.


1. Bad reputation

If your girl has a bad reputation for cheating we have a bad news for you – she’ll probably continue doing that with or without you. You know how they say – “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

2. You can’t be yourself when with her

You were willing to change everything for your girl but it seems like that just wasn’t enough for her. You were feeling miserable because you couldn’t be yourself and she didn’t even notice. If that’s the case – we advise you to move on and find someone who will accept you for who you are.

3. Lies, lies and lies

If you caught her lying over and over again what makes you think she will stop all of the sudden? Would you really like to waste more time on a person like that? She’s probably so caught up in her lies that she isn’t able to tell the truth anymore. Don’t worry, there are plenty of honest girls out there who will respect you enough to tell you how the things really are.

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