Different Ways You Can Get Over First Date Nerves

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first date nerves AsianDate Is it possible to eliminate first date nerves? Probably not. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been on a first Asian date. You will still experience the jitters or butterflies in your stomach. This is because every first date we have is different. Is there any way around this?

Tips To Lessen First Date Nerves

The truth is, you can’t totally eliminate first date nerves unless you’re not into the person you’re going to see. You can, however, minimize them and allow yourself to feel like you’re in control of the situation. When you do, you’ll feel more confident that things will work out, whether you make a mistake or not.

1. Embrace The Friend Zone (At First)

During your first date, one of the best ways for you to feel like everything is cool is when you embrace being in the friend zone. This should be temporary, of course. You’ll feel more comfortable if you think that you’re just hanging out with your friend.

2. Plan Everything To Minimize First Date Nerves

You never want to go out on a date without knowing what to do and where to go. Most restaurants still accept walk-ins for dinner, but most don’t so it’s safe to have a reservation. Also, if you don’t plan anything, there’s a higher chance for everything to fall apart. You can’t just wing it and then expect to make a good first impression.

3. Lessen Your Alcohol

If you don’t want to feel nervous, the most likely move you’ll make is to drink a bit of alcohol. Maybe one or two glasses is alright, but anything more than that is just too much. The more alcohol you consume, the sloppier you will get.

4. Don’t Get Too Attached

The first result that you are going to have may or may not be ideal to you. Don’t get attached to it because there are always lessons to be learned. If you did your best, then that’s enough. You should also bare in mind that, sometimes, two people aren’t just meant to be together.

First dates are considered as trial and errors. If things don’t go well, then you or your date can look at the possibility. From that, you can go on a second one and see how it works out. By that time, your nerves will be calmer. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.