Catfish Warning: Is the Girl You’re Talking to Real?

catfish warning AsianDate

Other than the online dating scams for money, online daters also have to watch out for a special kind of scammer called the “catfish”. We’re not sure why this type of scammer is named after a specific marine animal but the term is generally used for the people who lure other people into a relationship via a false persona in the online dating world, therefore, the catfish warning is needed.

This type of scam has become very common in recent days and we consider it equally as dangerous as the scam for money because, though you don’t really end up with an empty bank account, you’ll have wasted your time and, much worse, you’ll end up with a broken heart.

catfish warning AsianDate

We’ve compiled a few safety tips for you to follow so you can stay safe and keep your heart unbroken.

Catfish Warning You Needed In Your Life

Safety tip #1

Check to see if the person’s description of him/herself is logical. For example, if the person says that’s he’s 6 feet 1 inches and weighs about 100lbs, then he’s probably a catfish. No one really has these kinds of proportions. If you spotted something like this on the profile of the person that you’re interested in, ask the person to send you a photo holding up a specific sign.

Safety tip #2

Use Google Search as much as possible. When dealing with a catfish, it is most likely that they’ll use someone else’s information or someone else’s photo. Google the name or the email address or any piece of information you have of the person and see if it matches. You could also search for images based on a picture when using Google so make sure that you use this feature when checking if he/she really is the person on the picture.

Safety tip #3

Do not fall for: “Let’s send emails to each other personally and ditch this dating site.” If he/she says this right at the beginning of everything or right after you met, this, right here, is a red flag.

Safety tip #4

Ask questions and lots of it. After a bit of time, ask the same questions and see if you still get accurate responses. Usually, people who are putting on a mask won’t be able to keep up with their deception for much longer so it’s important to take note of his/her answers.

Safety tip #5

These days, everybody has Facebook. If you asked for his/her Facebook account and they said they don’t have one, this is a possible red flag because: you have a dating profile but no Facebook account? If you’re savvy enough to make an online dating profile then you’re savvy enough to make one on Facebook.

Yes, we know that following these tips sound like they require some effort but it’s definitely something that will pay in the long run. Especially if you’re trying to save yourself from a broken heart while trying to find love online.

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