Can Age Gap Relationships Really Work?

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Older men and younger women or older women and younger men – these types of age gap relationships are very common in the online dating world. And, we’re not just talking about a few years apart – try decades. They run smoothly when the couple is merely meeting or chatting virtually, but the question is, will it really work when the couple is together? Other questions arise like: Is age really just a state of mind especially when it comes to love? Most people would answer this with a cliché statement like “Age is not an obstacle when it comes to love”. We agree, but not a hundred percent. Let us explain.

How To View Age Gap Relationships

The Young and the Old Think Differently

When it comes to perspective and life goals, we can definitely say that younger people think differently that older people. They have different priorities in life and possibly in love. More often, younger people tend to prioritize childish things like partying, meeting new people, gaining new experiences, living life to the full. Older people, on the other hand tend to prioritize important things in life like being financially stable, buying a home, pursuing their career, etc. It’s possible to combine some of these different goals, but it cannot be achieved without compromise.

Fast and Slow

With young people, you have to keep up with the pace – you need to be active and keep moving. Their energy is still pretty good so they have a constant need to keep going. Now, if you’re of an older age, let’s just admit that your energy is not what it used to be, so you have to make twice the effort and believe us, it could be tiring and exhausting.

A State of Mind

Don’t be discouraged by the reasons that we’ve presented because we also believe that age is merely a state of mind, meaning that a younger person could have an older person’s perspective and vice versa. In this case, the relationship can work but you have to work on it to make it work. Make a conscious effort to slow down if you are the younger party and make the effort to keep up (to the best of your abilities) if you are the older party.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, as cheesy as it may sound, your older-younger relationship can work if you follow two things: 1. Learn to communicate what you feel 2. Learn to compromise. We hear the word compromise again and again because it is essential; you cannot have the best of both worlds, so if you cannot agree on something, the best way to go would be in the middle – meet each other half way. To wrap things up, age is important, but if you really care and love each other, it is not and will not matter to both of you.